Artec Studio DocumentationΒΆ

Artec Studio is an industry-acclaimed software package for advanced 3D scanning and data processing. It enables you to scan countless objects using Artec scanners as well as third-party 3D sensors (Artec Studio Ultimate only). This manual will show you how to use the application as well as your 3D scanner to quickly and easily create great-looking 3D models.

Use the Documentation Structure outline to get an overview of the entire manual, or refer to the Quick Start Guide. To get the most out of the documentation, review the various terms we use throughout. Consult the Index to find references for specific parameters that appear in processing algorithms. Also, take a look at the Conventions and Acronyms page for a key that describes how we highlight semantic elements.

In addition to this manual, you can find practical tips and other information at the Support Center. If you encounter an issue when using our 3D scanners or applications, please submit a request.

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Download a PDF version of this manual.

Documentation for earlier versions of the software is available here.