About Artec Micro

About This Manual

This manual will show you how to get started with Micro, prepare objects and scan them. Use the left panel to get an overview of the entire manual, or consult the Index page to find references for various topics. Also review the terms we use throughout.

Quick Start Guide

In addition to this manual, you can find practical tips in the Quick Start Guide for Micro that comes with the scanner.

Download Quick Start Guide.

Meet Micro

Micro is a desktop scanner that allows its user to scan various small objects (up to 9 centimeters) with ease. To become familiar with its structure, consult the image below.

  1. Camera
  2. Mirror
  3. L-shaped arm
  4. Turntable (nondetachable)
  5. Spacer
  6. Screw jig
  7. Gum jig
  8. Vise
  9. Calibration panel
  10. Power button
  11. Power port
  12. USB port
  13. Fuse holder

Specifications are available at Artec 3D website.

Included Components and Parts

Calibration panel with silicone lid cal_plate
Spacer (2 pcs.) spacer
Vise vise
Screw jig (1 pc.) with screws (8 pcs.) screw_jig
Gum jig gum_jig
Plastic reusable adhesive (putty) Blu Tack  
USB cable  
Power cable & adapter  
Fuse (2 spare pcs.)  
Decorative mat  
Filter for vent (spare)