About Artec Ray

About This Manual

This manual will show you how to get started with Artec Ray, prepare objects and scan them. Use the left panel to get an overview of the entire manual, or consult the Index page to find references for various topics. Also review the terms we use throughout.

About Ray

Artec Ray is a long-range 3D scanner that uses laser technology to produce high-resolution point cloud data. This data can be used to create precise geometric models of three-dimensional objects. Artec Ray combines high accuracy and top performance, and it is suitable for large variety of applications, ranging from reproducing art objects to reverse-engineering and product inspection for quality control purposes.

Being completely autonomous, the scanner is controlled over Wi-Fi and powered by battery.


Table 4 General specifications.
Specification Value
Distance range, m 1–110
Angular uncertainty (arc sec) 25
Range noise, mm 90% reflectivity 0.12 at 15m
Range noise, mm 10% reflectivity 0.3 at 15m
Ranging error, mm <0.7 at 15m
Tripod mount screw size 5/8”
Texture camera resolution 5 MP

Appearance and Structure

  1. Scan/stop buttons
  2. Texture cameras
  3. Rotating mirror
  4. USB connector
  5. Base platform with tripod mount hole
  6. Power connector
  7. Door (battery compartment and power switch are located behind it)

What’s Included

Ray comes with the following items:

Ray scanner ray_bottom
Power supply unit (110/220 VAC In, DC 19-22 V – 4.0 A output) supply
ScannerPower supply cable pow2ray
ScannerPC USB cable 3 meters long usbc
AC Power cord ac_power
Carry-on case bag
Lithium-ion battery (Inspired Energy ND2054, 14 V, 49 W), 2 pcs. bat
Battery charger with power supply and cable charger
MicroSD card [1] (SDHC) class 10 UHS-1 micro microsd
5/8” → 3/8” adapter bushing  

For more information on the delivery package, consult the document.

[1]MicroSD card for Ray might be incompatible with Artec Leo.


To make the most of your Ray, you may purchase either of the items below:

Tripod for mounting scanner tripodonly
5/8” tripod adapter and plate adapter
Spheres for 3D laser scanning sphere
Checkerboard targets chtargets
Shipping case with custom foam lined interior hardcase
Tribrach TN2 or TN2 A2-70  
Antiglare powder MAGNAFLUX SKD-S2  

For more information, consult the FAQ article.