artec::sdk::base::ICompositeContainer Class Referenceabstract

#include <artec/sdk/base/ICompositeContainer.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ICompositeMeshgetElement (int index) const =0
 Element access. Index must be in range [0...getSize()) More...
virtual ErrorCode setElement (int index, ICompositeMesh *mesh)=0
virtual ErrorCode add (ICompositeMesh *mesh)=0
 Add/remove composite mesh to container. More...
virtual ErrorCode add (ICompositeMesh *mesh, const Matrix4x4D &transformMatrix, IBlob *meshAttributes=NULL)=0
virtual ErrorCode remove (int index)=0
virtual const Matrix4x4DgetTransformation (int index) const =0
 Access composite mesh orientation by index. More...
virtual ErrorCode setTransformation (int index, const Matrix4x4D &transformMatrix)=0
virtual IBlobgetAttributes (int index) const =0
 Get composite mesh attributes by index. More...
virtual ErrorCode setAttributes (int index, IBlob *attributes)=0
virtual const Matrix4x4DgetContainerTransformation () const =0
 Get container transformation. More...
virtual void setContainerTransformation (const Matrix4x4D &transformMatrix)=0
virtual IBlobgetContainerAttributes () const =0
 Get container attributes by index. More...
virtual void setContainerAttributes (IBlob *attributes)=0
virtual int getSize () const =0
 Get element number in container. More...
virtual void clear ()=0
 Delete all container elements. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from artec::sdk::base::IRef
virtual int addRef () const =0
virtual int release () const =0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 47 of file ICompositeContainer.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual ErrorCode artec::sdk::base::ICompositeContainer::add ( ICompositeMesh mesh)
pure virtual

Add/remove composite mesh to container.

virtual ErrorCode artec::sdk::base::ICompositeContainer::add ( ICompositeMesh mesh,
const Matrix4x4D transformMatrix,
IBlob meshAttributes = NULL 
pure virtual
virtual void artec::sdk::base::ICompositeContainer::clear ( )
pure virtual

Delete all container elements.

virtual IBlob* artec::sdk::base::ICompositeContainer::getAttributes ( int  index) const
pure virtual

Get composite mesh attributes by index.

virtual IBlob* artec::sdk::base::ICompositeContainer::getContainerAttributes ( ) const
pure virtual

Get container attributes by index.

virtual const Matrix4x4D& artec::sdk::base::ICompositeContainer::getContainerTransformation ( ) const
pure virtual

Get container transformation.

virtual ICompositeMesh* artec::sdk::base::ICompositeContainer::getElement ( int  index) const
pure virtual

Element access. Index must be in range [0...getSize())

virtual int artec::sdk::base::ICompositeContainer::getSize ( ) const
pure virtual

Get element number in container.

virtual const Matrix4x4D& artec::sdk::base::ICompositeContainer::getTransformation ( int  index) const
pure virtual

Access composite mesh orientation by index.

virtual ErrorCode artec::sdk::base::ICompositeContainer::remove ( int  index)
pure virtual
virtual ErrorCode artec::sdk::base::ICompositeContainer::setAttributes ( int  index,
IBlob attributes 
pure virtual
virtual void artec::sdk::base::ICompositeContainer::setContainerAttributes ( IBlob attributes)
pure virtual
virtual void artec::sdk::base::ICompositeContainer::setContainerTransformation ( const Matrix4x4D transformMatrix)
pure virtual
virtual ErrorCode artec::sdk::base::ICompositeContainer::setElement ( int  index,
ICompositeMesh mesh 
pure virtual
virtual ErrorCode artec::sdk::base::ICompositeContainer::setTransformation ( int  index,
const Matrix4x4D transformMatrix 
pure virtual

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