General Pipeline

The table below shows the general pipeline for processing 3D data using the SDK. The classes, functions and methods are self-explanatory. The table lists the algorithms in the order in which they are intended to launch.

Algorithm Function Notes
Serial registration createSerialRegistrationAlgorithm() Conventional registration algorithm
Loop closure createLoopClosureAlgorithm() Optional registration algorithm that compensates for accumulated error when scanning
Global registration createGlobalRegistrationAlgorithm() All-encompassing complex frame optimization
Outlier removal createOutliersRemovalAlgorithm() Use either this algorithm or the small-object filter. Watch the order!
Fast fusion createFastFusionAlgorithm() Simple fast fusion
Fusion createPoissonFusionAlgorithm() Conventional fusion algorithm. Depending on the settings, it allows you to produce a watertight mesh and a precise, sharp model (mesh).
Small-object filter createSmallObjectsFilterAlgorithm() An alternative to outlier removal. Use either one.
Mesh simplification createMeshSimplificationAlgorithm() Decrease the number of triangles in the mesh
Texture mapping createTexturizationAlgorithm() Map texture on the model surface
A full list of algorithms is available in Algorithms.h.