artec::sdk::base::IFrameMesh Class Referenceabstract

#include <artec/sdk/base/IFrameMesh.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool isTextured () const =0
virtual IImagegetImage () const =0
virtual void setImage (IImage *image)=0
virtual IArrayUVCoordinatesgetUVCoordinates () const =0
 Get texture coordinates array. More...
virtual void setUVCoordinates (IArrayUVCoordinates *coords)=0
 Set texture coordinates array. More...
virtual ErrorCode mapTexture (const Matrix3x4D &matrix)=0
 Map texture using calibration matrix. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from artec::sdk::base::IMesh
virtual IArrayPoint3FgetPoints () const =0
 Data access functions. More...
virtual void setPoints (IArrayPoint3F *points)=0
virtual IArrayIndexTripletgetTriangles () const =0
virtual void setTriangles (IArrayIndexTriplet *triangles)=0
virtual IArrayPoint3FgetPointsNormals () const =0
virtual void setPointsNormals (IArrayPoint3F *normals)=0
virtual IArrayPoint3FgetTrianglesNormals () const =0
virtual void setTrianglesNormals (IArrayPoint3F *normals)=0
virtual Triangle getTriangle (int i) const =0
 Return points coordinates for i'th triangle. More...
virtual unsigned int calculate (unsigned int requested_mode, unsigned int recreate_mode=CM_None)=0
 Create calculated data. More...
virtual unsigned int getCalculated ()=0
virtual void clear (int requested_mode=CM_ClearEverything)=0
virtual void transform (const Matrix4x4D &matrix)=0
 Full transformation (motion - scale) More...
virtual void translate (const Point3F &direction)=0
 Translation. More...
virtual void rotate (const Matrix4x4D &matrix)=0
 Rotation. More...
virtual void scale (float factor)=0
 Scale. More...
virtual void scale (float factor, const Point3F &center)=0
virtual const IArrayPoint3FgetTrianglesCenters () const =0
 Calculated data access functions. More...
virtual const IArrayPoint3FgetTrianglesAngles () const =0
virtual const IArrayFloatgetTrianglesAreas () const =0
virtual const IArrayPoint3FgetEdgeLengths () const =0
virtual bool isEmpty () const =0
 Check if mesh empty. More...
virtual void setInternalData (void *p)=0
 set/get some internal data for compatibility with existing code More...
virtual void * getInternalData () const =0
virtual bool hasNormals () const =0
virtual bool hasPointsNormals () const =0
virtual bool hasTrianglesNormals () const =0
virtual bool hasTrianglesCenters () const =0
virtual bool hasTrianglesAngles () const =0
virtual bool hasTrianglesAreas () const =0
virtual bool hasEdgeLengths () const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from artec::sdk::base::IRevision
virtual bool wasChanged (unsigned int rev) const =0
 Check object changed (true if changed) More...
virtual unsigned int incRevision ()=0
 Increment object revision. More...
virtual unsigned int getRevision () const =0
 Get object revision. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from artec::sdk::base::IRef
virtual int addRef () const =0
virtual int release () const =0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file IFrameMesh.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual IImage* artec::sdk::base::IFrameMesh::getImage ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual IArrayUVCoordinates* artec::sdk::base::IFrameMesh::getUVCoordinates ( ) const
pure virtual

Get texture coordinates array.

virtual bool artec::sdk::base::IFrameMesh::isTextured ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual ErrorCode artec::sdk::base::IFrameMesh::mapTexture ( const Matrix3x4D matrix)
pure virtual

Map texture using calibration matrix.

virtual void artec::sdk::base::IFrameMesh::setImage ( IImage image)
pure virtual
virtual void artec::sdk::base::IFrameMesh::setUVCoordinates ( IArrayUVCoordinates coords)
pure virtual

Set texture coordinates array.

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