Artec 3D Scanning SDK  2.0
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AopIO.h File Reference
#include <artec/sdk/base/BaseSdkDefines.h>
#include <artec/sdk/base/Errors.h>

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class  artec::sdk::base::io::Aop
 Export to AOP format (American Academy of Orthotists & Prosthetists) More...




ErrorCode ABASESDK_LINK_SPEC artec::sdk::base::io::saveAopImageToFile (const wchar_t *path, const IRangeImageCylindric *ri)
 Save range image to AOP file. More...
ErrorCode ABASESDK_LINK_SPEC artec::sdk::base::io::saveAopMeshToFile (const wchar_t *path, const IMesh *surface, int width, int height, bool interpolateHoles, bool cutEdges=false, int edgeQualityFactor=80)
 Save surface in AOP format by converting it to the image. More...