Artec 3D Scanning SDK  2.0
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IModel.h File Reference
#include <artec/sdk/base/BaseSdkDefines.h>
#include <artec/sdk/base/Errors.h>
#include <artec/sdk/base/IRef.h>

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class  artec::sdk::base::IModel
 Container of Scan(s) and a single CompositeContainer. More...




ErrorCode ABASESDK_LINK_SPEC artec::sdk::base::createModel (IModel **pContainer)
 Create new Model. More...
ErrorCode ABASESDK_LINK_SPEC artec::sdk::base::cloneModel (IModel *out, const IModel *in)
 Create new Scans and CompositeContainer, but clone all content. More...
bool ABASESDK_LINK_SPEC artec::sdk::base::allScansInModelEmpty (const IModel *in)
 Check for empty scan collection. More...
bool ABASESDK_LINK_SPEC artec::sdk::base::isCompositeContainerInModelEmpty (const IModel *in)
 Check for empty CompositeContainer. More...