Artec 3D Scanning SDK  2.0
Tweaking Scan Settings

The table below provides a quick reference for locating the optional methods and enums to control the 3D scanner.

The list describes only some of the available settings.
Settings Methods and Enums Notes
Select features to track artec::sdk::scanning::RegistrationAlgorithmType
Control scanning speed artec::sdk::capturing::IScanner::setFPS Set the desired value. Maximum scanner values are listed in sdk_3d_scanner_specs.
Adjust scanner's field of view artec::sdk::scanning::IScanningProcedure::setScanningRange
Adjust texture brightness artec::sdk::capturing::IScanner::setTextureGain
Use both methods. The setTextureGain method deals with camera sensitivity to light, and setTextureShutterSpeed corresponds to exposure time.
Control 3D-capture sensitivity artec::sdk::scanning::IScanningProcedure::setSensitivity Works only for Spider. Eva adjusts it automatically.
Do not record texture artec::sdk::scanning::CaptureTextureMethod Set CaptureTextureMethod_NoTextures enumerator
Disable flash bulb artec::sdk::capturing::IScanner::enableTextureFlash Set false