artec::sdk::base::JobObserverBase Class Reference

#include <artec/sdk/base/IJobObserver.h>

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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from artec::sdk::base::RefBase< IJobObsever >
virtual ~RefBase ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from artec::sdk::base::IJobObsever
virtual void completed (ErrorCode result)=0
 get description of algorithm More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from artec::sdk::base::IRef
virtual int addRef () const =0
virtual int release () const =0
- Public Attributes inherited from artec::sdk::base::RefBase< IJobObsever >

Detailed Description

You can inherit this class instead of IJobObserver interface Reference counting already implemented

Definition at line 29 of file IJobObserver.h.

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