artec::sdk::scanning::ScanningProcedureSettings Struct Reference

#include <artec/sdk/scanning/IScanningProcedure.h>

Public Attributes

int maxFrameCount
 0 means no limit, negative values are not valid More...
RegistrationAlgorithmType registrationType
 tracking type More...
int pipelineConfiguration
 Combination of ScanningPipeline values. More...
ScanningState initialState
 Initial scanning state. More...
bool ignoreRegistrationErrors
CaptureTextureMethod captureTexture
 How to capture texture from scanner. More...
int captureTextureFrequency
bool saveEmptySurfaces

Detailed Description

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Member Data Documentation

CaptureTextureMethod artec::sdk::scanning::ScanningProcedureSettings::captureTexture

How to capture texture from scanner.

Definition at line 127 of file IScanningProcedure.h.

int artec::sdk::scanning::ScanningProcedureSettings::captureTextureFrequency

How often to capture texture. Used for CaptureTextureMethod_EveryNFrame method If CaptureTextureMethod_EveryNFrame selected, 0 and 1 means capture on every frame, other values means "capture texture on each N't frame"

Definition at line 133 of file IScanningProcedure.h.

bool artec::sdk::scanning::ScanningProcedureSettings::ignoreRegistrationErrors

if this flag is true, scanning procedure adds all successfully reconstructed frames to the result scan. if flag is false, scanning procedure adds only successfully registered frames to the result scan. flag influences the result only if "ScanningPipeline_RegisterFrame" is enabled.

Definition at line 124 of file IScanningProcedure.h.

ScanningState artec::sdk::scanning::ScanningProcedureSettings::initialState

Initial scanning state.

Definition at line 115 of file IScanningProcedure.h.

int artec::sdk::scanning::ScanningProcedureSettings::maxFrameCount

0 means no limit, negative values are not valid

Definition at line 106 of file IScanningProcedure.h.

int artec::sdk::scanning::ScanningProcedureSettings::pipelineConfiguration

Combination of ScanningPipeline values.

Definition at line 112 of file IScanningProcedure.h.

RegistrationAlgorithmType artec::sdk::scanning::ScanningProcedureSettings::registrationType

tracking type

Definition at line 109 of file IScanningProcedure.h.

bool artec::sdk::scanning::ScanningProcedureSettings::saveEmptySurfaces

This flag indicates that surfaces with reconstruction failures will be added to scan as "empty" ones It might be useful for texturization algorithm afterwards and to preserve numbering between frames of different scans (when scanning with bundle)

Definition at line 138 of file IScanningProcedure.h.

IScanningProcedureObserver* artec::sdk::scanning::ScanningProcedureSettings::scanningCallback

Callback interface for captured data processing For example adding frames for rendering while scanning. Can be NULL

Definition at line 119 of file IScanningProcedure.h.

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