Artec 3D Scanning SDK  2.0
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artec::sdk::base::IRangeImageCylindric Class Referenceabstract

Interface for range image settings (for AOP format in cylindrical coordinates) More...

#include <artec/sdk/base/IRangeImageCylindric.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual const SettingsCylindricgetSettings () const =0
virtual bool isClosed () const =0
virtual float getEmptyValue () const =0
virtual IImagegetImage () const =0
virtual ErrorCode toSurface (IFrameMesh **surf, bool calcTex=false) const =0
 Builds 3D surface and calculates some additional data. More...
virtual ErrorCode shrinkHeight (int start_row, int new_height)=0
 Shrink the image vertically. More...
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virtual int addRef () const =0
 Increase object reference counter. More...
virtual int release () const =0
 Decrease object reference counter. More...

Detailed Description

Interface for range image settings (for AOP format in cylindrical coordinates)

Definition at line 54 of file IRangeImageCylindric.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual float artec::sdk::base::IRangeImageCylindric::getEmptyValue ( ) const
pure virtual
emptyValue depending on the current map type
virtual IImage* artec::sdk::base::IRangeImageCylindric::getImage ( ) const
pure virtual
the depth image
virtual const SettingsCylindric& artec::sdk::base::IRangeImageCylindric::getSettings ( ) const
pure virtual
settings of range image
virtual bool artec::sdk::base::IRangeImageCylindric::isClosed ( ) const
pure virtual
true if range image is closed (closed can be polar or cylindric range image)
virtual ErrorCode artec::sdk::base::IRangeImageCylindric::shrinkHeight ( int  start_row,
int  new_height 
pure virtual

Shrink the image vertically.

Return values
ErrorCode_ArgumentInvalidif start_row<0 or (start_row+new_height)>height.
virtual ErrorCode artec::sdk::base::IRangeImageCylindric::toSurface ( IFrameMesh **  surf,
bool  calcTex = false 
) const
pure virtual

Builds 3D surface and calculates some additional data.

surf- surface to be built from the range image
catcTex- flag shows if texture coordinates have to be calculated (currently not realized for Polar)

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