Other Devices and Accessories

MicroSD Memory Card

To transfer you projects to a computer, you may want to use a microSD card. Artec Leo supports microSD cards (both SDHC and SDXC) with capacity up to 2 TB featuring UHS-I and UHS-II interfaces and formatted as exFaT.

Insert Card

To insert a micrSD card, push it into the slot until you hear a click.



Never use excessive force when inserting a microSD card into the slot. If you feel resistance, please double check that you are pushing the card using the correct side (see the figure above).


The warranty doesn’t cover slots damaged in this way.

Remove Card

To remove a microSD card:

  1. Slightly push a microSD card until you hear a click. The card will pop up emerging half of its length.

  2. Pull the card out of the slot.


To format a microSD card,

  1. Tap Settings.

  2. Select ScannerGeneralSD card.

  3. Tap Format.

  4. In the dialog that has opened, confirm your choice.


Figure 35 MicroSD card details.


Formatting a microSD card will remove all data from it.

External Display

Artec Leo allows to cast its screen to a browser. It means that you can have an additional display to observe a 3D scene. Another device needs to be connected to the same network as Leo scanner.


Only screens with 3D content can be casted. To enable casting, you need to start scanning or open a project.

To cast your Leo screen, follow the steps:

  1. In the Projects screen, tap Settings.

  2. Select the Network section.

  3. Turn on the Cast screen to browser toggle.

  4. Locate the scanner’s IP address that appears near the toggle.

  5. Open a web browser on another device.

  6. Type in the Leo’s IP address and confirm your entry.

  7. On Leo, start scanning or open a project.


Figure 36 Screen casting settings.


Figure 37 Browser window set to cast Leo screen.

Allow Control

If you turn on Allow control, the browser window will also display the buttons to control the scan process: Start, Stop and Close.


Charge Battery

To charge your Leo battery, plug the power adapter into your scanner. You can also take out the battery from the scanner and charge it using the special charger.

See also

Battery Usage

Replace Battery


Shut down your Leo before replacing its battery.

To remove the battery from Leo, follow the steps:

  1. Turn Leo upside down.

  1. Open the battery compartment by pressing the both latches of the lid.


  1. Push the bracket in the direction of the depicted arrow.


  1. While still holding the bracket in the lowest position, pull the battery towards you.


  1. Again push the bracket down.

  1. While still holding the bracket in the lowest position, insert a newly charged battery into the compartment.


  1. Close the battery lid.