Artec 3D Scanning SDK  2.0
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artec::sdk::capturing Namespace Reference


struct  FrameProcessorDesc
 Real-time decoding and triangulation settings. More...
class  IArrayFrame
 This class represents an array of the IFrame pointers with methods for getting array size as well as getting and setting particular elements by their index in the array. More...
class  IArrayScannerId
 Provides an access to the scanner identification info. More...
class  IFrame
 Interface for captured frame (image + depth). More...
class  IFrameProcessor
 Raw frames processor (frames from scanner). More...
class  IScanner
 Interface to initiate capture and control scanner parameters (fps, texture, exposure time, flash, etc.) More...
class  IScannerObserver
 Interface to receive notifications about scanner's life events (e.g., buttons pressed). More...
struct  ScannerId
 Scanner identification parameters. More...
struct  ScannerInfo
 Current scanner's parameters. More...
struct  ScannerMode
 Deprecated. Don't use it! Instead of using externalSynchronization, use setUseHwTrigger. More...
class  ScannerObserverBase
 The preferred way to use IScannerObserver is through using this class as a base. More...


enum  ScannerButton {
  ScannerButton_RecordStop = 1,
  ScannerButton_Stop = 2,
  ScannerButton_Record = 4,
  ScannerButton_ForceDword = 0x7fffffff


ErrorCode ACAPTURESDK_LINK_SPEC createArrayFrame (IArrayFrame **pArray, int elementsCount)
ErrorCode ACAPTURESDK_LINK_SPEC createArrayScannerId (IArrayScannerId **pArray, int elementsCount, bool zeroFill=false)
 Create ScannerId array with the default-constructed elements. More...
ErrorCode ACAPTURESDK_LINK_SPEC enumerateCameras (IArrayString **camerasList, int deviceTypeMask=-1)
 Enumerate all cameras connected to the computer. More...
ErrorCode ACAPTURESDK_LINK_SPEC enumerateScanners (IArrayScannerId **scannersList, int deviceTypeMask=-1, const wchar_t *pathToConfig=NULL)
 Initialize cameras connected to the computer via the Ethernet interface. More...
ErrorCode ACAPTURESDK_LINK_SPEC createScanner (IScanner **scanner, const ScannerId *id, int scannerIndex=0)
 Create selected scanner. More...

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Definition at line 23 of file ScannerInfo.h.

Function Documentation

ErrorCode ACAPTURESDK_LINK_SPEC artec::sdk::capturing::createArrayFrame ( IArrayFrame **  pArray,
int  elementsCount 
ErrorCode ACAPTURESDK_LINK_SPEC artec::sdk::capturing::createArrayScannerId ( IArrayScannerId **  pArray,
int  elementsCount,
bool  zeroFill = false 

Create ScannerId array with the default-constructed elements.

The caller is responsible for freeing the returned array by using the delete[] operator.

pArraydestination array to hold the ScannerId elements.
elementsCountnumber of elements that a newly constructed array will contain.
zeroFillIf it is true, the array will be filled with zeros; otherwise it will stay in the default-constructed state.
ErrorCode ACAPTURESDK_LINK_SPEC artec::sdk::capturing::createScanner ( IScanner **  scanner,
const ScannerId id,
int  scannerIndex = 0 

Create selected scanner.

scannerScanner to return.
idScanner ID.
scannerIndexScanner index in bundle.
parallel-capture-sample.cpp, scanning-and-process-sample.cpp, and simple-capture-sample.cpp.
ErrorCode ACAPTURESDK_LINK_SPEC artec::sdk::capturing::enumerateCameras ( IArrayString **  camerasList,
int  deviceTypeMask = -1 

Enumerate all cameras connected to the computer.

camerasListCamera list to return.
deviceTypeMaskObsolete, do not use it.
ErrorCode ACAPTURESDK_LINK_SPEC artec::sdk::capturing::enumerateScanners ( IArrayScannerId **  scannersList,
int  deviceTypeMask = -1,
const wchar_t *  pathToConfig = NULL 

Initialize cameras connected to the computer via the Ethernet interface.

Once this function is called, it is possible to detect these cameras. Enumerate all scanners connected to the computer.

scannersListScanner list to return.
deviceTypeMaskObsolete, do not use it.
pathToConfigPath to calibration settings. Pass NULL for the default location.
parallel-capture-sample.cpp, and simple-capture-sample.cpp.