About Artec Leo

About This Manual

This manual will show you how to get started with Artec Leo, prepare objects and scan them. Use the left panel to get an overview of the entire manual, or consult the Index page to find references for various topics. Also review the terms we use throughout.

Quick Start Guide

In addition to this manual, you can find practical tips in the Quick Start Guide for Leo that comes with the scanner.

Download Quick Start Guide.

Meet Leo

Artec Leo is a completely self-inclusive scanner with a built-in computing unit, display and battery. Designed for a next-generation user experience, it allows user to:

  • Scan various objects with ease
  • See the model in real time
  1. Camera with flash-bulb ring
  2. Projector
  3. Power button
  4. Tiltable display
  5. MicroSD card
  6. Battery housing
  7. Battery compartment lid
  8. Power port
  9. Ethernet port
  10. Start/Stop button redbut on the handle

Specifications are available at Artec website.

Status Icons

wifi Wireless network signal level
wifi- No Internet
wired Wired connection is being used
battery Battery charge level
battery+ Battery is charging
storage Internal storage capacity
cast Screen casting is enabled
saccess Support access is enabled
temp Scanner temperature is high


Below are the terms used throughout this manual.

See also


An iteration of continuous scanning resulted in recording 3D data to the existing scan (see Project Structure).
Surface which supports an object that is being scanned. The most common supporting surfaces are the floor and table.
DC cable
Cable that connects the scanner with the power adapter. DC stands for direct current.
Scanner state in which it reconstructs and displays surfaces on the screen, but doesn’t record them.