Proprietary format that is intended to save raw scanned data from Ray.

Configuration file
Calibration file

Each Ray scanner is supplied with a parameter file that stores parameters necessary to operate the scanner and to process raw scan data. This parameter file may be modified during maintenance and recalibration.

Nominal distance

Average distance between the scanner mirror and the target object.

Point cloud

A set of position datum in a three-dimensional coordinate system. These data are usually defined by X, Y, and Z coordinates, and typically are intended to be representative of the external surface of an object.

Point density
Distance between points
Scan resolution

Ray internally controls scan resolution in angular terms, i.e. number of beams per degree. Since the scanner performs two types of movements, we define horizontal and vertical angles which are set equal for simplicity. This beam distribution, or spherical scan resolution is uniform in each dimension within the entire scan. It is, however, more practical to operate a linear value of point density measured in millimeters between beams on a particular distance.

Reference sphere

Precise target that are designed to facilitate 3D scanning and processing when put into the scene. The spherical shape allows the highest possible scanning efficiency from various directions.


Reference object or image that facilitates 3D scanning and processing.

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